Nowhere but JEDcamp!

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Yes, it’s scary – going to a conference where, well, you’re not sure exactly what’s going to be discussed. I hear those questions frequently: “who are the speakers?,” “what breakout sessions are there?,” “what’s the theme?”

That’s part of the beauty of JEDcamp, though — the fact that nothing is predetermined, and it’s all up to the participants to decide what the afternoon will look like. And, if it’s anything like last year, it will be amazing!

Posting sessions at JEDcamp Midwest 2013
Posting sessions at JEDcamp Midwest 2013

Some of last year’s topics include:

  • What makes “Jewish Values” unique? Or are they unique?
  • Authentic/meaningful experiences to promote Tikun Olam – experiences that do more than just make kids feel good.
  • Google Apps for Education
  • iPad use in Hebrew
  • How can we impact our classrooms and students with genuine “Kavod”

C’mon! Where can you find stuff like this? Nowhere but JEDcamp!

More reasons to attend JEDcamp Midwest!

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  • Awesome swag from Edutopia! We’ll be raffling off water bottles and lunch bags!
  • Free tablet styluses for the first thirty attendees!

Join us for a unique “unconference” experience on October 19th!

Reasons to Attend JEDcamp Midwest

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  1. If your institution sends five or more people (everyone must register in advance, check in by 1:00 pm and stay through the program), your school or organization will receive an iPad Mini.
  2. Want to share your skills or teach something to your colleagues? No problem!
  3. All attendees will receive an awesome giveaway that you may or may not use all winter (hint: we hope you don’t need it).
  4. Ideas galore!
  5. It’s a great networking opportunity.
  6. This is professional development created by you!
  7. Free lunch!
  8. Make new friends and reconnect with old ones.
  9. Door prizes! Free tablet styluses (styli?) for the first 30 attendees.
  10. No travel or housing expense. Well, no expense at all!

Brainstorm with us! JEDcamp is in two weeks!!

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So I was stalking look at some other EDcamp websites and I see that they use brainstorming docs to begin to generate the topics they’ll be covering. I created one and I’d love to see you add your thoughts to it! Please add topics you’re interested in discussing or things you’d like to learn. And be sure to add the topics in which you have some expertise!